​IIT Midwest, Chicago  
Proud Host of PanIIT Global Meet 2009
Our mission is to create better image for IITians in the community, networking for business success and developing lasting relationships with good people of like interests.

The IIT-Midwest group is organized into different layers of volunteer workers:

An Executive Committee that works diligently with the Pan-IIT and other IIT alumni organizations around the world is responsible for the overall execution of the activities.

An Advisory Board of subject matter experts and industry leaders from various sectors of interest to the IIT alumni are brought in to help plan monthly seminars and workshop discussions. The initial focus is on Computers, IT, Telecom, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Power, Metallurgy, Materials Sciences, Nanotechnology and other such topics of immediate interest to members of IIT Midwest and as needed by the organizations in India.

As momentum is gained, many of the interesting topics will be discussed in greater detail with the help of Planning Committee members, who are subject matter experts looking to gain leadership and organizational skills in an informal setting.

The IIT Midwest activities are currently centered in the greater Chicago area but past participants include members from Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. As IIT Midwest continues to restructure and grow, one of the goals is to bring in all of Midwest region and develop a strong network of communication among members.

Forthcoming events
  • Distinguished Speaker Series: Third Saturday of every month
  • Summer Picnic: August 2018  (TBD)

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You can join us at PanIIT USA sociala media platforms:
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